Stories from Studio 503A

Studio 503A: Where the magic happens!

This page is dedicated to the hours I put into Studio 503A with my music recording friends! We are only a home studio, but with a lot of potential to grow. So far we have done a few original songs and a few covers. All of it very exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, because the original music is not yet copyrighted, I can’t share the tracks with you. However, I can provide some fun stories about the recording process. That’s where this blog page comes in. I’ll update this page periodically with entertaining stories and news on what songs we are covering and developing. Hope you enjoy!

Cover Songs:
The Weight – The Band
Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
Love Shack – B52s


Original Songs:
Double Dealin’ – Country
Without Some Strange – Rock
When the Smoke Cleared – Pop
If You Love Me – Country
Long Road to Heaven – Country/Blues

More is on the way, so be sure to check back!

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