Cosplay Corner

Cosplay Corner

This is the page all about my cosplay and costume projects! Don’t know what cosplay is? Check this out for an in-depth look. But the short answer is, you dress up as characters or concepts you love from popular media (TV, movies, comics, video games, etc).

My current cosplay project is a Toothless quad suit (the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon)! What is that, you ask? When it’s done, it will look something like this:

toothless quadsuit

Cool, huh?

That’s one person cosplaying as a dragon that walks on four legs. Yep, one person in there. Of course, this is a very professional costume and I would be lucky to make mine look half as good as that. But I still have high hopes my Toothless will be awesome.

This project is already underway and making decent progress. My deadline for completion is July 2015, but with any luck I may finish sooner than that! I’ll update this page occasionally with pictures, too. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Check back for more content coming soon!

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