Toothless Quadsuit Update #5 – I’m Finished!

photo 3Hi everyone! Sorry this update is a bit late. Convergence 2015 has come and gone, the wonderful convention where I debuted my Toothless quadsuit. But before we jump to the convention attendee’s reactions, let’s break down the last few steps of my cosplay’s build.

I don’t have any additional pictures of the build process because the final touches were minimal. The one big change I had to make was repositioning the tail. It sat too low, so I detached it from my pants and re-stitched it to the padding at the end of the costume’s back. This gave the tail a more natural place to fall and didn’t look awkward.

As I mentioned in my previous update, I hand-stitched the spine ridges to Toothless’s back and neck. It was time-consuming but pretty easy. The same goes for painting scales on the head, ears, and front legs. I wanted there to be something to stand out against the solid black, so I used a metallic silver puffy paint for the scales.


photo 1I found an Astrid cosplayer to pose with!

I was so proud of my Toothless cosplay that I decided to enter the Masquerade (costume contest) at CONvergence. There were many amazing costumes to see around the convention, but even more amazing were the entries in the Masquerade. Although I didn’t win any prizes, I had a great time participating in the event.

On the convention floor, I could barely take three steps without being mobbed. Everyone around me wanted to take a picture of Toothless, so I stood patiently as they ooo’d and awwe’d over him. I received a lot of compliments on my costume, and I even startled a woman who thought Toothless was animatronic (rather than something that had a person inside!).

photo 2I even met another Toothless who took part in the Masquerade!

The costume required a lot of time to put on, but thankfully I had a whole team of helpers at the ready. And let me tell you, that quadsuit is HOT! I could only wear it for a couple hours, and after that I was drenched in sweat. But it was worth it to show off my hard work. And once the Masquerade was over, Toothless had to say farewell to CONvergence. But not without stopping for more pictures in the parking lot!

photo 2This is a picture from the first test run (pre-scales).

To watch a couple short videos of Toothless at the convention, check out this post on Facebook and this video on Youtube.

Thanks for following my Toothless quad suit build! This won’t be my last cosplay, so be sure to check back for when I start my next project.

If you have any questions or comments about my project, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! And remember, you can find me on Twitter (@alishabmarie) and writing TV and board game reviews on



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