RWBY Cosplay: Ruby Rose Guide Part 1

Hey everyone! It’s another Friday Fun post! What, only a week after my last one? Yep! This time it’s a new cosplay how-to guide: Ruby Rose from RWBY, a web series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. Let’s dig into how I turned this…

photo 5

…into this:

photo 3

In this post, Part 1, I’ll show you how I put together Ruby’s full outfit. Some people might like to make Ruby’s dress from scratch, but I found a good black dress that suited my purposes. As a bonus, the one I bought already had white lace around the bottom edge of the skirt and sleeves (which made it fairly easy to paint over with red).

photo 4

After painting the lace edges of the dress (I used acrylic paint but in hindsight should have used spray paint), I took a spare red shirt and cut it into long strips. I then folded those strips over, in a back and forth motion, to create ripples. Once I had the material bunched, it was easy to add thread through each fold to keep it in the proper shape. Then I added it to the neck of the dress.

I used this same method (folded strips of a red shirt) to add red accents to a pair of combat boots, along with red shoelaces and red acrylic paint for the soles.

photo 1

Ruby is also known for having a very full skirt, which I took care by wearing a red tutu under the black dress. She also has a signature belt with bullets, rose emblem, and pouch. First, I got a long and wide black belt (from Goodwill) and glued the accessories to it.


I made the pouch from a granola bar box and some grey foam (although you can easily use a gray purse or something similar). I made the rose emblem out of grey and black foam, cutting out the pieces and gluing them together based on an example image. And for the bullets I took some short dowels, painted them grey, and glued pen caps onto their ends. Alternative ideas involve finding empty gun shells or buying a costume bullet belt.

photo 2

The finishing touches on Ruby’s outfit include black tights, a black corset laced with another set of red shoelaces, a couple silver crosses, and a black wig with red-colored tips. These were things I bought outright instead of making. And if you have natural black hair, you probably won’t need a wig. The costume can be a little time-consuming to put on, considering all the pieces, but it looks awesome once everything is in place.


That’s it for Part 1! Part 2—outlining the creation of Ruby’s sniper-scythe, Crescent Rose—is coming soon. If you have any questions or thoughts on this outfit, feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

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