Toothless Quadsuit Update #2

toothless quadsuit

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Friday Fun Stuff update! Progress on my Toothless cosplay has been going well, so now seems like a good time to update you on how each piece is coming together. As a reminder (or for those who missed my first update), I’m creating a quadsuit of Toothless, the Nigh Fury dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. Don’t know what a quadsuit is? It’s a costume where one person fits into a four-legged creature and makes it look natural. See the picture above for what my quadsuit will (hopefully) look like when I’m finished.

First, let me show you my progress on the head. Last time I showed you the model of the paper pep I’d cut out and tape together. Well, now all the cutting and taping is complete! I also added styrofoam eyes, which will eventually be painted to look like Toothless’s pretty green/yellow eyes. Soon I’ll give the head a layer of paper mache, mainly to help the paper hold its form, and then later add a layer or two of fiberglass.

Here’s a picture of my Toothless head currently:

photo 1

Second, all four feet are nearly done! Both front and back legs are stitched and ready for detail painting. The detail will be done with a glossy light black/grey paint to mimic Toothless’ scale pattern. Here’s what the feet currently look:

photo 1 photo 2

Third, I’m happy to report that Toothless’ tail is complete! I showed you the base of the tail and fans last time, but now I’ve added spines and reinforced the hip fans with foam. Here’s a picture of it:

photo 5

Fourth, I’ve made progress on the back legs and waist. I started with thin, black windbreaker pants, and now I’m sewing the dragon skin fabric over those pants. The leg bottoms are flared so that they will connect easily with the bulky back feet. I also glued upholstery foam to the windbreaker pants, both at the back of the calves and the buttock area, to help fill out where Toothless’s natural muscle would be. Here’s another picture of how the pants are coming along.

photo 4

Fifth, the wings are also nearly complete. I showed you the base before, but now they have full fabric added to show the joints. I couldn’t make the wings open (way to big) so they look closed and raised above Toothless’ back. I had to do a lot of handstitching on these, but there wasn’t a better option to attach the joints to the “wing bones” (made from PVC ). Here’s what they currently look like:

photo 3

Right now I don’t have anything put together for the upper body and neck. That’s going to be a challenge since I need to create a skeleton of sorts for where my body will be inside it and where the neck will be situated to support the dragon’s head. I plan to update again when I have more progress on that particular portion of the build. My idea currently is to use a combination of wire, foam, and a black mesh fabric.

That’s it for update #2 Stay tuned for more! Please share any thoughts or questions you have in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

And here’s me wearing some of the pieces just to amuse you.

photo 2


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