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Friday Fun Stuff: Toothless Quadsuit Update #1

Toothless Cosplay Update #1 Happy New Year, everyone! Today is Fun Friday (and the first Friday of 2015) It’s time to take a look at my newest cosplay project. Here is the first update on the construction of my Toothless … Continue reading

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New Content Alert!

Hey everyone! Following my post about being back in the blogging world, I have some new announcements! My website is being revamped (somewhat, anyway). I’ve added a new page for my Three If By Space articles, so be sure to … Continue reading

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I live!

Hey everyone! I’m so, so sorry I haven’t been blogging in a really long time. Life got in the way and I took a break from writing. But fear not! I have returned and am participating in NaNoWriMo! This will … Continue reading

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